To be ‘poised’ means to exude a self-assured manner of graceful elegance. This speaks to the origins of POISED Jewellery, born out of an appreciation for the role of jewellery and its ability to add elegance and confidence to an outfit.

Founder, Bianca Velez has curated the POISED Jewellery collection from a desire to make statement jewellery accessible for all. From a young age, her mother taught her the art of adding jewellery to an outfit to elevate her style and she now passes this down to her daughters.

“Each piece of jewellery should be a work of art, transcend trends and have the ability to speak for the individual before words are spoken,” Velez said.

“Adorning yourself with jewels is a form of self-expression and fine jewellery is an investment but should not be unattainable.”

When launched in August 2022, POISED offered gold electroplated silvers with pearls and cubic zirconia. To celebrate its first anniversary, POISED is launching two Moissanite collections. Moissanites are a sustainable alternative to diamonds. They are eco-friendly and conflict-free, more affordable but just as dazzling as a diamond.

“At POISED, we live by the value of kindness, not only to those around us but to our planet. We seek to minimise our environmental impact through limited use of plastics, recycling and other initiatives. We are constantly looking at ways to better the planet for future generations,” Velez said.