Australia's largest footwear chain has announced some of its stores will unveil same-day delivery.

Australian niche sneaker chain Platypus are tapping into the impulse buying market, announcing the introduction of same-day delivery in a broader bid to compete with e-commerce giants.

The chain, which recently found international success announcing it will be opening stores in Asia, will unveil same-day delivery at twelve Platypus stores in Sydney and Melbourne. Customers who place orders in before 1pm during the week will receive their orders same-day for $14.

Platypus sells some of the world’s most sought-after sneakers, including Hype DC, Sketchers and Vans amongst other footwear banners.

Accent Group, which operates 350 Australian-based footwear stores and is Australia’s largest footwear chain, said it hopes to introduce the service to all of its stores within two months.

The company says the service is aimed at tapping into the impulse buying market upon which e-commerce is increasingly reliant. The retailer also hopes that in offering the service they will stave off competition from e-commerce giants like Amazon.

“Our consumers want instant gratification – when they see something they like, they want it now. We’re giving people the opportunity to view our products online and have it in their hands on the same day, without having to leave their home or office. It’s a really appealing proposition – especially for millennials,” head of marketing Tia Paterson told Retailbiz.

“Platypus will be the first Australian retailer to offer a Same Day Delivery service in metropolitan cities Australia-wide – this in itself gives us a competitive edge over other retailers, as same day deliveries have often been confined to Melbourne and Sydney,” she said.

Global giant Amazon offers a same-day delivery service in the US, but only next-day delivery in Australia.

The strategy is aimed at tapping into modern consumer’s desire for instant gratification regardless of geographic boundaries – a perk frequently touted by e-commerce giants. But now Platypus hopes the same-day delivery service will give it a competitive edge against global e-commerce retailers which are increasingly posing a threat to retailers.

Accent is leading a broader company-wide push to merge e-commerce with in-store services, rolling out click-and-collect just six months ago and now announcing same-day delivery.

The group had to move away from the traditional warehouse model and towards a focus on store inventory to enable quicker delivery times.

But the business model is largely about leveraging consumer trends and offering unique products, Ms Paterson told Retailbiz.

“Platypus is a trend-led business built around icons and seasonal products. We’re a fun lifestyle brand – we like to make statements and allow our customers to create their own stories wearing our shoes.”

But with the Accent Group already boasting first-half profit of almost 20 per cent thanks to a 16.5 per cent jump in sales, the introduction of same-day delivery is likely to bring the retailer to even greater success.