During its second annual global advertiser summit, ‘Pinterest Presents’, Pinterest unveiled new research on the power of ‘inspiration’ that proves that inspired people are more likely to act.

Local data shows that Pinterest inspires its users more than any other digital platform with new ideas (86%) and inspires pinners to act and either buy or try something new (83%).

Australian users perceive Pinterest as a space where they feel positive (72%), much more so than with other platforms, leading to shoppers on Pinterest outspending people on other platforms by two times every month.

One third of respondents say that an online place devoted to inspiration is more important now than ever before. The survey also looks at the inspirational value of digital platforms as well as compared to a variety of media types, including magazines and TV. Among all, Pinterest ranks number one in inspiration among competitor platforms.

Pinterest is focused on improving the efficiency of ads as well as the ease of ads solutions – taking people from inspiration to realisation in a positive, brand safe environment that according to the research is more inspirational than traditional media like TV and magazines.

The goal is to develop a taste-driven shopping experience for people who already come to Pinterest to visually explore their tastes and interests before they make a purchase as well as helping merchants find consumers who are ready to purchase.