The 2022 Pinterest Predicts report provides unique data into cutting edge trends to help shape upcoming styles for Pinners, and a valuable peek for Australian advertisers into what consumers will be buying in the year ahead.

In last year’s report, 80% of the trends Pinterest predicted held strong for the year, giving brands a strategic way to tap into the top ideas and themes Pinners are searching for, but aren’t yet trending, on the platform. 

People come to Pinterest to plan what to do, try or buy next. Pinterest knows what people are looking to take action on. If you’re a brand that buys into the trends Pinterest predicts on the platform, they will last longer.

In the fashion and home décor category, the Pearlcore trend was included by Pinterest as a part of the 2022 Pinterest Predicts report, and has been gaining momentum recently across fashion, beauty, homewares and more.

To predict this trend, Pinterest analysed the searches of its 400 million monthly users around the world then spotlighted the most inspiring ideas, Pearlcore being one of them to explore for the year ahead based on these emerging searches.  

The trend has taken off with content creators across the world with inspiring Pinterest creator Deni Todorovič (@StyleByDeni) sharing their fresh take on Pearlcore. Idea Pins are a strategic way for brands to create content for their audiences to engage with, and can be created to revolve around a theme such as Pearlcore. 

As searches for pearl nails, men’s pearl necklaces and pearl chokers are set to rise in Australia, brands have the opportunity to engage their target audience looking for this type of inspiration during their shopping journey. Brands can inspire Pinners by creating content and campaigns that embrace a fresh, modern take on this natural gemstone.