With the ongoing development of innovative and engaging advertising solutions, Pinterest has announced Premiere Spotlight and Travel Catalogs, specifically developed to reach Pinners at the moment they are most open to inspiration.

Premiere Spotlight is a new high-impact awareness ad solution designed to help advertisers reach audiences at scale. Premiere Spotlight offers brands video ads in priority placements on the platform, like the search page; a high visibility ad placement for brands to own the screen, taking up approximately 50% of a mobile device’s screen on Pinterest’s search page; and increased visibility with maximum exposure by taking over the Pinterest feed for a desired booking period.

Travel Catalogs enable retailers and brands to upload their catalog of travel services to the platform, guide Pinners from inspiration to a booked trip with a targeted product Pin ad that will directly display travel booking information; target users on Pinterest based on location data; and capitalise on product catalogs for travel specific services. 

Pinterest chief revenue officer, Bill Watkins said, “Whether you are supercharging brand awareness with Premiere Spotlight or turning inspiration into booked vacations with Travel Catalogs, our newest ad solutions have one shared goal: helping brands scale on Pinterest across the funnel. We want advertisers to reach the consumers they care about and drive them from discovery to decision to do—all in a more positive place online.” 

Premiere Spotlight is now available in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France and Australia. Travel advertisers worldwide will gain access to Travel Catalogs later this winter.