Perth mum of two, Tracey Batt founded Adventure Snacks in 2014 and in the last year alone, annual revenue increased more than 200% to exceed $1 million.

In 2020, Batt was also awarded two People’s Choice Awards for ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Making a Difference – Health and Wellbeing’.

Adventure Snacks started when Batt created her own range of organic baking mixes and sold them online, wholesale, and at farmers’ markets, and soon after, added lunchboxes to her offering.

“I found that it was easier to give my kids healthy, non-packaged food when we had the right tools on hand to help. By making food fun, kids are more likely to be open to trying new things,” Batt says.

“By 2018, I realised that to scale up the baking mixes, I needed to go down the path of large-scale manufacturing. The lunch box range was growing rapidly so I decided to expand that side of the business.

“I have increased the range of mealtime-focused products to 1,300 which helps Australian parents of children aged from toddlerhood to primary school. Our focus aligns with the vision to pack healthy lunchboxes and to make mealtimes as a family more fun.”

Sales have grown immensely month-to-month over the past year compared to the year before, even during lockdowns and school closures, according to Batt.

“During this time, lunchbox sales almost ceased with kids not being at school, so we quickly pivoted our marketing to focus on the tableware and accessories ranges which were more appealing to families spending more time at home. We also increased the informative content we were publishing to ensure our audience remained engaged,” she explained.

Adventure Snacks will soon partner with a charity to supply school lunches to underprivileged children.