Global ecommerce and marketplace accelerator, Pattern has released new functionality in its e-commerce acceleration platform in Australia, to help brands organically rank their products in the top positions on leading marketplaces like Amazon, reducing reliance on advertising spend.

Integrated within Pattern’s ecommerce tech suite, Destiny evaluates competition, pinpoints winning keywords, and harnesses AI-driven advertising to divert traffic directly to a brand’s product listings.

Pattern director of sales for Asia Pacific & Japan, Dan Richardson commented, “The ecommerce landscape is like a vast digital shelf. Every brand aspires to be at the forefront, especially in the ‘top three listings’ where 60% of all clicks occur and buyer traffic can be concentrated. Destiny is our innovative approach to help brands secure that prime position and drive sales in a crowded and highly competitive online retail environment.”

The Destiny platform has accumulated over 200 trillion data points, taking upwards of three million keywords from Amazon, translating into precise predictions about brand performance, solidifying organic visibility strategies while decreasing dependence on advertising. Intricate algorithms assign ‘winnability scores’ to keywords, ensuring brands know precisely how to position themselves.

“In challenging economic times when brands face a higher barrier to sale due to cost-of-living pressures, pumping excessive amounts of advertising dollars into ecommerce and marketplace activity is not sustainable,” Richardson added.

“Destiny allows brands to reduce reliance on advertising, while still achieving organic visibility. At Pattern, our goal is to help brands use advertising to eventually reduce their dependence on it. It’s all about achieving a balance for sustained success and ensuring that your promotional expenditure actually works for you.”

To help brands standout in a marketplace environment and attract buyer attention, Destiny evaluates over 26 million unique products to create a bespoke competitive landscape. It prioritises sustained organic visibility over spending, intelligently reallocating budgets to guarantee top rankings and drive long-term ecommerce success.

“Destiny is all about smart targeting. It shifts bids, tests keywords, and intelligently drives traffic, ensuring brands receive the highest possible return on their investment. We’ve witnessed its potential, with some brands experiencing unprecedented ecommerce growth. Now, we’re excited to bring this innovation to Australia.”