Online Retailer has launched KickStart, a one-day learning program designed to provide an actionable plan to retailers looking to start selling their products online.
In 2011 alone the online retail was worth more than $11billion to the Australian economy. That figure is set to rise for years to come but Australian retailers are still slow to wake up to the reality that if they do not look online, many will not survive.
“The ‘wait and see’ approach that many Australian retailers are adopting is very dangerous and is costing them a lot of money,” says event manager, Andrew Jones.
“Whilst some retailers are dragging their feet, others are engaging with new customers online and in many cases tripling or quadrupling their profits.
“Retailers rarely have time to digest complex strategies or lectures on web coding. They just want to know what they can do to get online and start successfully selling their products and the best thing about online retail is it’s really not that difficult. In one day retailers can get up and running and start watching the revenue they thought they had lost forever start coming back into their business.”
Covering the whole set up process with an easy to follow and innovative 6-step plan, devised and developed by Jones after stringent consultation with the industry, KickStart simplifies and demystifies this ‘holy grail’ of retail. 
Although many retailers are currently missing out, Jones explains that there is no reason they should be.
“Australian retailers have big one ace up their sleeve… they’re local. Many Australian buyers tell us that although they do the bulk of their buying online, they would prefer to deal with Australian companies. This is fantastic news for Aussie retailers and is the green light to start their online journey.”
KickStart will take place on Tuesday 18 September at Australian Technology Park, Sydney.