Australian freight forwarding and order distribution company eStore Logistics has had rapid growth thanks to online retail’s soaring popularity.
The brand’s business grew by 288 per cent last year leading to a three-fold increase in staff numbers.
Founder and CEO Leigh Williams says the surge in online selling has caused a spike in demand for specialised logistics services.
“One of the constraints of online retailing in Australia was inadequate logistics services,” he says.
Williams explains that internet retailers need to dispatch high numbers of small orders to customers across the country.
“eStore Logistics has innovated in terms of our IT systems, pick-and-pack processes and in our relationships with Australia’s largest courier companies.
“In contrast, traditional logistics companies are still in the dark ages and haven’t adapted to the changing retail landscape in Australia. They’re geared towards fulfilling large orders to bricks-and-mortar stores and they aren’t providing an efficient service to online shoppers.”
New jobs at eStore Logistics are in the IT and warehousing sectors.
“As more Australians discover the convenience and value of shopping online, many thousands of new jobs are being created to organise and deliver these goods,” says Williams.
“Just as the mining boom led to a remarkable employment surge in the mining services industry, the online shopping boom is leading to something similar in the logistics industry.
“Online retail growth will undoubtedly result in net-employment gain to the Australian economy, even if there are some job losses in bricks-and-mortar retail.”