Leading local online pet retailer, PetCulture launched in May 2021 with the aim of making pet ownership easier, helping pet owners save money and spend more time with their pets.

Most recently, PetCulture introduced two new services – VetChat, which connects people to vets via video chat or text within 10 minutes and Aussie Hazard Cover, an Australian-first complimentary benefit that allows claims of up to $10,000 for eligible vet expenses.

“We’ve seen phenomenal growth because people love to earn Everyday Rewards points in these price sensitive times. Our Auto-Delivery platform also ensures product pricing is always 10% better than the website price, paired with the added value benefits of the VetChat on-demand vet advice service and complimentary Aussie Hazard Cover for the three common Australian pet hazards. It provides extra assurance that people are looking after their furry family members,” PetCulture CEO, Simon Smith told Retailbiz in a recent interview.

Pet owners using PetCulture’s Auto-Delivery platform automatically receive up to $10,000 for eligible vet expenses encompassing snake bites, paralysis tick bites and motor vehicle incidents, supporting an estimated 10.5 million (94%) Australian pets who are uninsured.

“These are common pet hazards with significant vet expenses attached. We have had a number of customers already benefiting from this cover who were blown away with being able to claim such a large sum,” Smith explained.

“In addition, our free VetChat consult connecting pet owners to an Aussie vet any time day or night is not unlike a ‘telehealth’ service, but for pets. Using video chat or text, it’s easy to access professional advice, whether it’s knowing if you should take your pet to the hospital, get advice on behavioural concerns or even dietary advice.

“We have tens of thousands of customers now able to access this service 24/7, removing geographic barriers to vet support while also minimising the stress that pets feel when outside their home environment.”

PetCulture is continuing to focus on making delivery more reliable and flexible, adding more value and the option to customise the ordering process, without being locked into a plan.

“Households appreciate the ability to cancel any time, postpone deliveries or bring them forward without being penalised, while also maintaining access to the best prices on the website,” Smith said.