Australian online marketplace reached a major milestone last month, exceeding $1 million in sales in a single day and over $3 million in a week.

Established in 2011, MyDeal grew from $15 million to $35 million in FY17 and is on its way to reaching $60 million in FY18.

These positive results come at a time when the spotlight is on the recently launched Amazon Australia marketplace, and are the result of MyDeal pursuing an aggressive growth and customer acquisition strategy in the last 12 months.

MyDeal has grown its number of SKUs by 233 per cent from October to November, taking it from 45,000 to over 150,000. It has also diversified to attract new sellers to the platform and expand its market reach. This has attracted retailers including Kitchen Warehouse and

Although the November sales spike can be attributed to Click Frenzy, MyDeal CEO Sean Senvirtne said the growth won’t slow down now the sales event is over.

“November is a month which shifts us into a new paradigm—the growth does not slow down for us post Click Frenzy and Christmas,” he said. “We continue to grow because we have a strong focus on retaining our customers, and this has always been a key factor to us maintaining our momentum.”

MyDeal will continue to grow in 2018 by focusing on seller technology, aiming to streamline processes and list more brands.


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