A new social commerce app, FriendsWith is set to shake up the online retail shopping and affiliate marketing experience for both creators and brands.

Founded by New Zealand-based entrepreneurs, Daniel Hubbard and Paige Patten, FriendsWith bridges the gap between offering a marketplace and a social media app.

The social media part of FriendsWith allows users to join an affiliate program and earn on their shared content while organically promoting and inspiring sales for partnering brands.

Unlike most affiliate marketing programs that are only available or useful for influencers with large followings, FriendsWith opens the door for anycreator to share their wardrobe and lifestyle with other like-minded people without an affiliate sign-up page or requirement to be tech-savvy to use it and earn.

There are two ways to earn.

Firstly, by sharing a photo of an item you see and like. The amount earnt depends on the engagement with the external website link.

The second way is through promoting a product you have purchased and telling your followers the key details about the item. For every purchase made by another user, you will earn 1.5% to 5% of the sale instantly.

The marketplace is uniquely built though a dedicated website synced to the FriendsWith app meaning users can shop on both the website and app, making the experience more accessible. When shopping through the website, the app will automatically encourage the user to share their loved content to the app and earn rewards from the affiliate program.

Brands will gain access to two new sales channels that are seamlessly synced, meaning there is no effort involved for them to join. For users, FriendsWith offers an innovative platform where they can authentically express themselves and share their shopping preferences with others who match their personal aesthetic.

“Built for the retail savvy customer searching for a one-stop shop, FriendsWith is designed with the modern-day consumer in mind; those who rely on social influence or are the social influence.

“We have provided a platform where users can express themselves through sharing and interacting with others who match their personal aesthetic. Through this, users receive the added bonus of shopping with an incentive which is the main point of difference between FriendsWith and other online marketplaces,” Patten said.

FriendsWith is now available in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, US and Canada and can be downloaded on the App Store.