Australian-born ecommerce enabler, New Aim, has been named among Asia Pacific’s 500 fastest growing companies by Financial Times and Statista for the third consecutive year. It is the only Australian ecommerce company to achieve this.

New Aim is a retail technology company enabling ecommerce solutions for Australian retailers by improving procurement, supply chain management, multichannel integration, and product and price decisioning.

The company offers ecommerce fulfilment and logistics, last-mile delivery, and helps with inventory management, enabling retailers to scale fast.

New Aim was listed among the top 20 for ecommerce in the Asia Pacific region, and the top five for ecommerce in Australia. The company grew more than 49.1% during the recent reporting period, according to Financial Times, and only two companies listed ahead of New Aim took in more revenue.

“It’s always an honour to be recognised by the Financial Times, especially among a group of such innovative companies,” New Aim CEO, Fung Lam said.

“Our mission is to enable ecommerce for emerging and established Australian retailers. This is about growing the ecommerce ecosystem, and we’re well on the right track. The faster we scale, the more we help other businesses start and scale, and have a positive impact on the industry and its customers.

“We’ve had an incredible year partnering with marketplaces, online retailers, iconic Australian brands and countless small businesses, helping with their ecommerce needs. As we look to the year ahead, we’ll continue to learn and grow with our partners to provide them with the most advanced technology solutions.”