Australian nano-gifting app Shouta is helping Australians celebrate Christmas with instant digital nano-gifts that can be sent anytime, anywhere across Australia.

Shouta CEO and co-founder, Carly Shamgar said the app’s customisable digital gifts make the perfect last-minute Christmas present.

“Simply transferring money is too impersonal and traditional gift cards are tied to specific retailers. We wanted to create instant, digital gifts that can be used wherever the recipient wants in a fun and flexible way,” Shamgar said.

“When you send a Shout, your Shoutee (recipient) gets access to a prepaid Shouta Mastercard that lives in their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. It’s a digital-only card so it also eliminates the waste that comes with discarded wrapping paper and plastic physical gift-cards.”

The Shouta app allows users to select ‘Shouts’ which can be customised with a personal message and image prior to sending. The Shoutee will be notified of their digital gift via SMS instantly and in a couple of steps they will have access to their Shouta Mastercard via their digital wallet.

Unlike many vouchers or gift cards where the recipient is limited to a specific product or retailer, Shouts can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted. 

“Plus, with warnings of parcel delivery delays until well after Christmas, another benefit of Shouta is that gifts are sent and received instantly. This makes them perfect for those last-minute gifts, even for family and friends who live interstate.” Shamgar said.

Shouta can be downloaded now from the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android). Businesses can sign up to a business account at