Australia’s leading leak-proof underwear brand, Modibodi, is starting the year with the launch of two innovative new products, the Sleep Short Maxi 24-hrs and Anti-Chafing Short, plus new limited-edition summer colours and prints.

Offering overnight protection and peace of mind for those with heavy periods or frequent bladder leaks, the Sleep Short Maxi 24-hr is proven to hold up to 50ml of liquid, featuring highly breathable super slim (6mm) and extremely absorbent lining. 

The Anti-Chafing Short is seam-free, leak-proof shorts that banish the irritating chafe. Made with a super-soft blend of materials and sitting at mid-thigh, they are lightweight, and designed to sit seamlessly beneath any outfit, completely replacing the need for underwear.

As a customer-centric business, Modibodi listens to consumer needs to identify direction for innovative product ranges that provide leak-proof solutions for all bodies, founder and CEO, Kristy Chong told Retailbiz.

“Both new products were designed with our customer needs in mind. The Sleep Short Maxi 24-hrs offers overnight protection and peace of mind for those with heavy periods or frequent bladder leaks and the Anti-Chafing Short offers comfort without rubbing and confidence every day.”

Modibodi’s purpose is to create limitless positive impact for both humanity and the environment and champion a more confident, united, and happier world, according to Chong.

“All new products are designed to not only tackle the body hang-ups that can hold people back or stop them from being their best, but to also provide a sustainable alternative to disposables. We are committed to continuing to develop innovative new products, which is why we will never stop talking to our customers and understanding their needs.”

Chong said the new products are already receiving great reviews from customers and in less than one week, Modibodi achieved a 30% sell through. She believes the products have been a success as they are comfortable, offer confidence and are a stylish alternative to disposables – saving the planet from landfill.

When asked how Covid-19 has impacted consumer demand and how purchasing behaviour will continue to evolve in 2021, Chong said that despite difficult trading conditions in Australia and around the world, Modibodi saw continued growth.

“An Australian owned company, and online only business, Modibodi sells direct to consumers in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, US, Asia and the EU. In the past 12 months, we’ve introduced more than 85 new products including Maxi 24-hrs, Anti-Chafing Shorts and Sleep Shorts Maxi 24-hrs, which has grown and strengthened our customer base both locally and internationally.

“Comfort and security have always been important to our customers. They trust that the technology works and rely on it to get them through the day – but during the pandemic, this reassurance has been even more important.

“When the pandemic first hit, panic regarding access to sanitary/hygiene products quickly ignited. Since its inception, we have been focused on providing customers with a sustainable solution and the pandemic further accelerated people’s preference to want to do better for humanity and our planet, which saw many more customers make the switch.”

Moving into 2021, Chong expects accelerated e-commerce growth to continue and the general public to choose more sustainable products.

“We believe the key going forward is continuing to listen to our customers and understand their stories, whilst developing innovative products that continue to improve their lives and reduce the impact we are having on our planet.”

In 2020, Modibodi donated thousands of garments through dedicated community groups and in 2021 will step this up, making a commitment to help at least 20,000 menstruating people in need by donating over 100,000 pairs of underwear.