Since late 2013, Australia’s original leak-proof and life-proof apparel brand, Modibodi has been at the forefront of developing reusable and sustainable apparel.

This month, Modibodi is expanding its range with an Adaptive Boyleg brief, designed to make it easier for people that are less mobile and may experience varying abilities to wear reusable period and leak protection. 

It follows the launch of the Detachable Bikini last year, designed with hook and eye side fastening for moderate to heavy absorbency.

Featuring Modibodi’s trusted leak-proof lining, hook and loop tape fastening, as well as elastic hoops, the Adaptive Boyleg makes changing simple and stress-free, and is made from soft bamboo fabric with Modibodi’s trusted heavy-overnight absorbency.

Modibodi ambassador, Emily J Prior put the latest product to the test. 

“Sometimes buttons, hooks and zippers can be tricky when you have a disability so when I got my hands on Modibodi’s new adaptive period underwear, I was so excited,” Prior said.

“The velcro closures and loop pulls on either side, make it easy for someone to put on or take off their underwear whether they are standing, sitting, (in a wheelchair) or laying down. Being independent and maintaining a level of privacy and dignity is important for me so these adaptive period pants are awesome.”

Modibodi brand advocate, Sophie Carigill also trialled the Modibodi adaptive products and loves how practical they are.

“Designing products to not only help women live their lives comfortably, but especially designing these for disabled women just fills my heart with joy. I’ve loved trying them, they’re so comfy and they have loads of other styles and colours too. It’s time to ditch the disposables and switch to these sustainable pants.”

To use the adaptive briefs, simply unhook each side and slide out then rinse in cold water, wash in the washing machine (on a cold wash), dry and re-wear. 

The Modibodi Adaptive Boyleg is now available in black, sizes 6 to 20 at for RRP $29.