Global absorbent apparel brand, Modibodi continues to pioneer the swim space with its latest leak-proof swimwear from its best-selling range, launching November 2022.

Modibodi’s super slim gusset, just 1mm thin, absorbs period or pee leaks while swimming, lounging and playing thanks to its patent-pending swimwear technology.

“Modibodi leak-proof swimwear is created using an innovative, fast-drying, outer fabric layer, for a flattering and functional pair of bathers,” Modibodi design and innovation director, Charissa Lanham said.

“Our unique patent-pending swimwear technology controls odours, light to moderate bleeding, spotting and light bladder leaks, making them the perfect option for a light to moderate flow. The fitted waterproof gusset prevents stains and locks in leaks even when wet.”

Each piece in the leak-proof swim collection is scientifically proven to hold up to 10mL, equal to one to two tampons worth of liquid with two-layered lining and premium fabrics.

Made from recycled Nylon, Modibodi’s patent-pending swimwear is water-resistant, fast-drying, and made with a concealed absorbent lining, perfect for light periods, spotting or pelvic floor mishaps.

Modibodi’s swimwear is available in exclusively designed, limited-edition colours and prints.