Global absorbent apparel brand Modibodi is launching its latest, most luxurious range yet – the Renaissance Collection – at Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris.

The new Modibodi Renaissance Collection means lingerie can be worn every day of the month, no matter where you are in your cycle.

Designed to look and feel like regular lingerie but featuring in-built leak-proof protection thanks to the brand’s scientifically proven technology, Modibodi’s latest innovative period-proof lingerie collection is made with soft, premium fabrics.

Modibodi executive director, Kerry Cusack said, “As category leaders and innovators, Modibodi has redefined leakproof apparel and created a business built on trust and authenticity, designing sustainable products with the needs of the consumer at their heart.

“With the design of our Renaissance Collection, we saw an opportunity to create something special and luxurious, appealing to consumers who are looking for the best in quality, comfort and design. We wanted to design a range that offers no compromise on luxury, even during your period.”

In addition to previewing the Renaissance collection, Modibodi debuted its new Spectrum Swimwear range, which contours, stretches and absorbs, crafted specifically for the entire spectrum of bodies, flows and abilities.

Modibodi’s latest period-proof underwear and swimwear collection is available exclusively for wholesale at Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris from January 20 to 22, 2024.