Online shopping is continuing to grow in popularity with many people choosing to beat the crowds and shop online. is an Australian owned website launched to provide Australian buyers, sellers and retailers with a simple, more affordable site for buying, selling and advertising online.

Co-founders and co-directors of, Phill Downey and Glenn Fry, established the business in June 2007 after recognising an opening in the online shopping market for a simpler, less expensive model for buying, selling and advertising on line.

“ is affordable as it implements a fixed, low cost, monthly subscription for sellers regardless of the value or quantity of items they sell,” says Downey.

Simple navigation is a primary feature of, giving buyers the option of browsing items for sale by category, searching shops or items alphabetically or by using a simple key word search.

“We provide an easy-to-use website where buyers can find items quickly and not get distracted by banner ads and clutter. Overall it’s a much friendlier user experience,” says Fry. is also largely trusted by its users as it enables buyers to communicate directly with their sellers.

“At we have an uncomplicated model for business; our sellers and buyers interact directly,” explains Downey.

“We thought it might be quite novel for people to actually start talking to each other again and decide how they wanted to conduct their business – instead of a third party blurring the boundaries of the transaction. We do not get in the way of simple e-business transactions.

“There is a greater feeling of comfort for the buyers – because they can communicate one on one about the item they wish to purchase,” adds Downey. attributes their customer satisfaction to a clean and simple Australian alternative to the existing online auction sites.

“ is run by people who care about the experience our customers have when online,” says Fry.

“We interact with them directly; we pick up the phone and talk to them and we answer email personally. It makes a huge difference.”