Three times as many customers of M.J. Bale’s online store associated the menswear brand with sustainability after it launched Offset to Earn, BetaCarbon’s new sustainability customer engagement and acquisition tool in October.

Nine in 10 customers (90%) are more likely to purchase a product that they believe to be ethical and sustainable, according to a survey of 1,000 Australian consumers. However, Deloitte research shows that almost four in 10 (38%) say the opportunities to lead more sustainable lifestyles are simply not available.

BetaCarbon’s platform allows customers to choose the climate projects a brand supports to offset its emissions footprint. After making an online purchase, customers are given a choice of three Australian climate projects which each represent carbon credits that BetaCarbon has purchased. The customers’ votes are collated each month and BetaCarbon uses the percentage of votes to determine which carbon credits to ‘retire’ for the brand.

Increasingly companies are purchasing carbon credits to decarbonise, with each carbon credit representing one tonne of CO2 captured or avoided.

Click here for a 60 second demonstration of BetaCarbon’s Offset to Earn.