Luxury watch platform, CHRONEXT has engaged content management system (CMS), Storyblok to help redefine its customer experience through development of an iOS mobile app that enables marketers and developers to create customised user journeys.

CHRONEXT sells, trades, and buys luxury watches worldwide as an e-commerce storefront. When the team discovered the current content system was purely web-based and wouldn’t support a mobile app, they searched for a headless CMS that would enable them to deliver omnichannel user experiences.

CHRONEXT decided to engage Storyblok and was able to build the mobile app prototype in just seven weeks. Since its launch, app session times have tripled from two minutes on their website to five minutes on the mobile application.

CHRONEXT chief technology officer, Emanuel Schleussinger said, “Storyblok opened possibilities for our marketing team to easily update product pages, create new campaigns and promotions for different markets, and engage with our customers.”

CHRONEXT team lead of website and digital innovation, Cameron Crosby added, “Content teams can simply drag, drop, and update specific component pieces that make up a product detail page in our application within seconds, without having to redeploy the application to the App Store. Changes are reflected on user’s screens instantly without disrupting their purchase session.”

Storyblok founder and CEO, Dominik Angerer commented, “CHRONEXT is a great example of a brand that understands the omnichannel benefits and possibilities of a headless CMS and uses that knowledge to build better customer experiences. They now have a centralized content hub that can grow with them as they expand.”