Leading beauty brand, L’Oréal has chosen data and AI company, Databricks to enable the interoperability of its global beauty tech data platform and pursue its multi-cloud strategy. 

The L’Oréal Group’s experts use technology, data and AI to develop services that deliver precision and personalisation. This approach is revolutionising how consumers discover, try and receive advice about products, both online and in-store. 

The Databricks Lakehouse unifies data across all of L’Oréal’s cloud data platforms. The Lakehouse provides a complete view of the consumer’s data journey, from inquiry to purchase, from shipment to care, and from online to offline. With Databricks providing a key component of its enterprise data platform, L’Oréal can further improve its consumer and customer experience. 

L’Oréal began its journey on the Databricks Lakehouse in 2019 for its Consumer 360 and CRM operations in North America. The L’Oréal tech team has already experienced significant benefits from working with Databricks, accelerating time to insight by consolidating and analysing real-time consumer data. In just two years, L’Oréal North America saw a 20% improvement in productivity through reduced maintenance effort, improved runtime, and cloud consumption. 

L’Oréal group chief information officer, Etienne Bertin said, “This strategic, global partnership with Databricks demonstrates our clear commitment to enrich our data capabilities and make L’Oréal the front-runner in the world of beauty tech. L’Oréal operates in 150 countries, selling over seven billion cosmetic products to more than 1.2 billion consumers every year, so having a data architecture that is unified, open, cloud-agnostic, interoperable, secure and scalable, is integral to our success.”

Databricks chief information officer, Naveen Zutshi added, “The Databricks Lakehouse offers a simple, unified platform to handle all data, analytics, and AI use cases. It’s never been more challenging for major retailers to keep up with a 360-degree view of the customer to ensure loyalty and growth, but data-forward organisations like L’Oréal are at the forefront of turning this challenge into an opportunity. We’re proud to deliver the global, real-time insights and data governance that enables L’Oréal to provide an incredible experience for its customers.”