Leading payment provider, Live eftpos has introduced an added layer of security to help protect its customers against fraud and false declines in partnership with leading fraud prevention provider, Accertify.

Online purchases were up 54% in November year-on-year, according to Australia Post figures, but as ecommerce continues to grow, fraud prevention becomes even more critical.

Accertify’s advanced fraud prevention technology helps mitigate card-not-present fraud, while also reducing false declines and delivering an improved customer experience.

Live group CEO, Reuven Barukh said Covid-19 is bringing forward an inevitable seismic shift online and with that, comes increasingly complex mechanisms and processes to prevent online fraudsters.

“By partnering with Accertify, Live eftpos is set to be one of the safest and most reliable ways to process online payments in Australia,” he said.

The customer experience can be impacted when a valid customer transaction is mistakenly blocked as suspected fraud. This type of false decline is increasingly becoming an issue for small to midsize businesses that depend on fewer but larger transactions.

By leveraging Accertify’s global community dataset and machine learning capabilities, businesses will be able to strike a balance between declining a true fraudulent transaction without preventing a legitimate sale.

Accertify’s technology will also enable Live eftpos to benefit from behavioural data, an additional layer signal that helps facilitate more accurate real-time decisions and ensures genuine transactions proceed without friction.

Accertify head of Asia Pacific, Luke Dynan said the company is excited to partner with Live eftpos to help protect merchants from fraud and enable safer ecommerce.

“Live eftpos’ merchants will now gain access to Accertify’s leading fraud prevention platform, which can help businesses confidently grow sales online and deliver a differentiated customer experience without the fear of fraud or loss.”