Shopping on Linktree is top of mind for the 2023 holiday season with almost 15% of Linktree clicks being to online retail – out of the 1.5 billion monthly clicks across the platform, over 200 million clicks per month are driven to shopping sites.

Based on data and analysis of storefront and shopping links on the platform, 41 million Linkers drive over $6 billion in sales each year via Linktree – equating to $500 million each month.

Ahead of Black Friday, Linktree introduced the Store Link feature to help Linkers capture more sales and more money via Linktree.

Any Linker selling online can use Store Link to take control of how they list, sell and visually merchandise their commerce and affiliate products. They can now list products from any retailer (or tap into existing Shopify and Spring integrations) and display them with an immediately visible expanded link that shows off their top items right on their Linktree, reducing the number of clicks to see and ultimately purchase products.