By Aimee Chanthadavong

Consumer group CHOICE has called on Australia’s supermarket chains to post their shelf prices online to prove that price cuts have been made to groceries.

Christopher Zinn, CHOICE spokesperson, says in recent months, both Coles and Woolworths have used aggressive marketing campaigns to claim that they have made cut costs in shelf prices and a basket of goods.

“If they put their prices on their shelves, why wouldn’t they put it up online to help people make a more informed choice on what they want to purchase,” Zinn told retalbiz.

“They say they’ve made cut costs to the groceries on the shelves now they need to prove it. It’s not unreasonable to ask for proof and it’s not being disrespectful.”

According Zinn, Woolworths has begun the process and ALDI, which has a smaller range, currently posts all of its prices online apart from some bakery and fresh items. However, Coles will not be adopting the practice.

“It’s particularly disappointing because Coles has lifted its game recently and is much consumer friendly, giving Woolworths a run for their money,” he says.

Zinn also added that putting up prices online is another marketing channel for the supermarkets, which should be taken advantage of.