Luxury French skincare brand, Lancôme has launched a virtual pop-up to provide consumers with an immersive 3D retail experience to explore the brand and world of virtual reality.

Designed to promote Lancôme’s best-selling product Advanced Génifique, the experience provides visitors with an opportunity to discover what the brand has called “the next big thing” in beauty tech.

The virtual pop-up has been separated into different zones for visitors to learn more about the brand’s product and the skin’s microbiome – the entrance, Zone 1 (Microbiome Science) Zone 2 (Skincare Diagnosis), Zone 3 (Live Streaming), Zone 4 (Voice of Genifique) Zone 5 (Shop) and Zone 6 (Game).

In the Skin Diagnosis Zone, Lancôme beauty advisors provide skin consultations in real time, while in the Testimonial Zone, visitors can browse through personal stories of 100 Australians and their experience using the Advanced Génifique product.

A series of livestreams will see international and local personalities, including Robogals founder, Marita Cheng, entrepreneur, Natasha Oakley and tech/engineering lecturer, Dr Jillian Kenny, discuss several topics including skincare, health and wellbeing, women empowerment, tech and engineering, and the latest beauty trends.

Lancôme’s first Génifique virtual flagship store is now live and open for the next two weeks.