By Aimee Chanthadavong

Australian consumer electronics designer, manufacturer and retailer Kogan Technologies has started operations in the UK.

Its UK site,, will begin selling LED TV’s and GPS units direct to its UK customers after it found a number of requests for its range be made available over there.

Ruslan Kogan, Kogan Technologies CEO, told Retailbiz that UK shoppers are currently paying too much for consumer electronics and are looking elsewhere for a cheaper deal.

“Kogan will be successful in the UK because of our transparent, streamlined, revolutionary business model. Not only do we offer UK shoppers great deals, we have the latest technology built into our products, we run an efficient business, and Brits are yearning for good online deals,” he said.

Kogan, who started the company in his parent’s garage nearly five years ago, has aimed to always provide the latest technology at affordable prices.

“They have big name retailers like Best Buy entering the market, but they're offering the same deals online as they do in stores. By not giving online customers any real benefit, Best Buy are punishing online shoppers with their hefty bills of the overheads associated with their bricks and mortar shopfronts. This isn't sustainable; shoppers want convenience and good value,” Kogan said.

He has reassured that while the Kogan Technologies engages other businesses in region-specific auxiliary roles such as warehousing and logistics, all jobs will remain in Australia as part of the expansion.

“We partner with a number of service providers in the UK to make sure the Kogan shopping experience is perfect. This includes warehousing, logistics and support. However, Kogan is a Melbourne based company and we have the smartest and most creative minds in the world sitting in our Albert Park office,” Kogan said.

“It is this amazing team that has taken the Kogan brand from my parent's garage to a multi-national company, and the core team will remain in Melbourne.”

Also, Kogan noted that he plans to make the brand a worldwide household name with plans in looking at several other markets.

“The UK is just the beginning for Kogan's expansion. Even in times of economic slowdown, people still want the latest technology, and it is in difficult times that businesses offering great value to consumers can flourish,” he said.