Online retailer Kogan has given its website a revamp to give its customers a more personalised service.

A new feature to the site is the Kogan SmartShip calculator, which has been designed to save shoppers money by fitting accessories into boxes so everyone saves on shipping costs. The site also offers personalised product recommendations where customers can filter, search and locate a product after a faster rate.

At the same time, has concentrated on offering more efficient customer service. They have done this by allow customers to communicate directly with the Kogan team via instant social and live chat across all pages, so they can do this while browsing the site.
Meanwhile the site also has a new help centre, which contains a knowledge base that provides answers for customers in an instant. The intelligent system offers a range of information for more than just frequently asked questions.

Goran Stefkovski, director of technology, said the changes make the site one of the most advanced, feature-rich online stores.
“To build and release this optimised shopping experience, we’ve used intelligence gathered from having a massive e-commerce presence for over 6 years across hundreds of millions of pageviews,” he said.
“In addition to everything available today, we’ll soon be bringing in a beautiful dedicated mobile site, as well as a customer portal to manage purchases and shipping notifications.
“The new is built on a scalable cloud architecture, on similar leading edge technologies used by Instragram and YouTube, which means we can build new features easily and have the scrutiny of thousands of developers managing security of the platform.”
“We’ve assembled a team with leading Django experts to create this custom-built solution, hosted on Rackspace’s hybrid cloud architecture. It also means Kogan is now able to launch into a new geography in a matter of minutes rather than the weeks or months most online retailers have to spend to customise and build a local website.
“While we’re very proud of what we’ve delivered, we know that ‘there is always a better way’. We’re working hard to continue to innovate and bring in a number of great new features.”