Leading global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, Klarna has surpassed one million app downloads in Australia, doubling its downloads since December 2020.

In addition to this milestone, Klarna continues to serve as a growth engine for Australian merchant partners, with users shopping at over 25,000 merchants, allowing them to ‘pay in 4’ at any store.

The average age of the Klarna shopper is 33, with the current heartland for growth in Australia in the 21- to 44-year-old age group. Most Klarna shoppers live in Sydney (23%) or Melbourne (20%), followed by Brisbane (12%) and Perth (7%).

Over one-third use Klarna every month (33%), while 30% use it every few months and 10% use it weekly. People shop with Klarna for a wide variety of goods, from clothing and accessories (28%) to electronics (16%), beauty products (16%) or furniture (14%).

Klarna chief expansion officer, Camilla Giesecke said it is evident that more consumers are moving away from traditional forms of credit towards transparent and innovative interest-free payment options.

“Our goal is to deliver the best shopping experience for consumers, giving them more flexibility and control, better deals, and more value out of their purchases, and to do so responsibly, by encouraging consumers to carefully manage their finances and being mindful when they shop,” she said.

In terms of top reasons for using Klarna, almost one-fifth (19%) of respondents to a recent Klarna consumer survey say they mainly want to spread the cost for something more expensive, while 16% appreciate most that Klarna doesn’t charge interest or fees when paid on time. The vast majority (82%) of shoppers are ‘likely’ and ‘very likely’ to recommend Klarna to a friend or family member.