Digital agency Citrus has snagged another retail brand after winning a competitive digital pitch for Swedish-inspired home/office retailer kikki.K.
Citrus has created a new digital platform to build a global brand presence and drive entry into new markets.
The overhaul of kikki.K’s existing online store will bring kikki.K’s trademark in-store brand experience around fashion, style, innovation and design to online customers.
The online store will enable the retailer to establish a brand presence in markets where it plans to expand its bricks and mortar stores including Stockholm, Copenhagen, New York, Paris and Tokyo.
With the new site kikki.K plans to increase online sales by 100 per cent over the next 12 months, and eventually become the leading revenue generator for the business overall.
Peter Noble, CEO of Citrus said the site will be the digital gateway to introduce consumers to the brand on an international scale.

“The aim is for the online store to reflect the rich in-store experience. People love walking into a kikki.K store, and usually walk out with more than what was on their shopping list. kikki.K is all about design, organisation and Scandinavian design principles of form and function, which we’ll be looking to replicate online.
“The site has been created to strengthen and elevate the customer experience online and convert more visitors to shoppers given 50 per cent of customers research online before shopping in-store. There’s also ripe opportunity to cross-sell online, which they do very effectively in-store,” said Noble.
The site also integrates social media tools to capitalise on strong brand advocacy and word of mouth.
“Innovation is an important brand pillar for kikki.K so we’ll be looking at incorporating rich media elements such as podcasts and mobile applications to engage the brand’s loyal customer base,” Noble added.
The new site will be supported by a range of digital marketing initiatives including online advertising and email marketing. Phase two will involve direct integration with kikki.K’s customer relationship management and point of sale systems.
Citrus’ work with kikki.K builds on its growing suite of retail brands including Sportsgirl, Toys R US and Spotlight.
The digital brand platform developed by digital agency Citrus for Spotlight represents a significant move into digital for the retailer.
A key feature of the new site is a personalised ‘Inspiration Room’, designed to sift through the site’s virtual encyclopaedia of ideas and bring only the most relevant and useful content to each member depending on their personal interests and inspirations. For example, a member frequently uploading ideas for dress-making will receive related patterns and tips upon logging in.
Noble said the driver was to create Australia’s ultimate online destination for crafters to find ultimate inspiration to fuel their creativity.
“Our research on Spotlight customers revealed that DIY is a social experience and above all they are looking for creativity and inspiration. DIY-ers are passionate about showing off their creations and sharing ideas, and the site allows customers to share tips and collaborate through a range of online tools,” he said.
The online destination will be supported by in-store kiosks where customers can join the community straight away. The campaign is also supported by eDM, in-store creative and through Spotlight’s portfolio of magazines.