Kathmandu customers can now offset part of their environmental impact at checkout by paying $2 to contribute directly to offsetting projects in Australia and New Zealand.

This is a result of a new partnership between Kathmandu and carbon offsetting envirotech company, CarbonClick, which offers fully traceable offsetting with high-quality projects.

The offsetting will promote reforestation projects in Australia and New Zealand. The Everdale Native Regeneration project in New South Wales, and Flax Hills Forever Forest project in Kaikōura, are fully transparent and traceable by customers. Each project is registered under the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund,and the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme respectively.

KMD Brand chief legal and ESG officer, Frances Blundell said, “This partnership enables our customers to contribute to credible offsetting projects in Australia and New Zealand directly. As a certified B Corp, we’re always looking at ways to improve our own impact and we’re pleased to be able to offer a simple way our customers can contribute themselves.”

CarbonClick CEO, Dave Rouse commented, “This partnership delivers a great opportunity for environmentally conscious customers to participate in offsetting while shopping online. At CarbonClick, we know that there is an increasing awareness and appetite among consumers to make a difference with their purchasing decisions. This partnership not only delivers on that demand but also sets an example for the sector, and in doing so makes a tangible, positive impact on the planet.”

Like Kathmandu and its parent group KMD Brands, CarbonClick is B Corp certified. B Corps meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.