Fastway Couriers has released a new range of delivery satchels designed to reflect the brand’s new image and help retailers cut costs related to shipping products.

CEO Richard Thame says the packaging will be of particular benefit to online retailers.

“Choosing the right packaging in combination with the right carrier can make a huge difference to your bottom line,” he says. “ Retailers should select an option that’s going to take some of the headache out of shipping, and do so at a competitive price point. It’s about making the entire shipping process easier for both the sender and the recipient.

“Fastway's range of national satchels is available in three different sizes so there's an option for just about any gift or homeware product.

“Apart from the competitive pricing, Fastway also offers complimentary limited liability coverage and online parcel tracking facilities on every delivery which makes them a great end to end freight solutions provider for SMEs.”

The new packaging is also more interactive with a QR code on the reverse side which the recipient can scan and get a free freight quote.

“Whether it's through our integrated electronic freight system, 24/7 parcel tracking or our satchels themselves, Fastway is committed to investing in intelligent solutions which continue to revolutionise the way courier companies interact with their customers," he adds.