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Leading provider of Experience Intelligence (XI), InMoment has launched an XI Digital Transformation solution designed to help brands successfully navigate the digital transformation landscape and in turn, offer a more digitally friendly and cohesive customer and employee experience.

InMoment’s XI Digital Transformation solution utilises existing and new data streams to power expertly designed, pre-built executive reports. The solution can be deployed in progressive phases, or all at once, based on a business’s digital maturity.

Being able to collect data from all digital channel sources— from both purchasers and non-purchasers —at every stage of the journey provides business leaders with the necessary context to create superior digital experiences.

The InMoment XI Digital Transformation solution components include:

  • Website and mobile app navigation, purchase, and fulfillment optimisation via data collection and analysis
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports that focus on key metrics, with real-time updates and recommended actions to help leaders drive digital transformation
  • Pre-configured, industry-specific text analytics models with proprietary Adaptive Sentiment Engine analysis
  • Social customer voice data, including integration with and use of data from popular social sites, including Glassdoor for employee voice
  • In-application interaction data, including feedback and user experience data
  • Website and application visitor session data through integrations with Adobe, Clicktale, Hubspot, and more
  • Integrations into popular conversation applications like Slack and SalesForce, and a robust software development kit (SDK) for integration with any other application
  • Digital transformation expert services consultation as requested

“Businesses that are not actively transforming for digital are missing the mark and will be left behind. Our solution is designed to make it easy to get up and going immediately, capture and transform data into useful insights, and accelerate successful digital transformations,” InMoment senior vice president – technology and solutions, Brian Weiss said.

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