Leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI), InMoment has been awarded a patent for the platform’s unique backend data aggregation and its customer experience (CX) system and methods for processing large CX datasets.

The XI platform patented technology has unique capabilities allowing it to process big data at scale, receiving customer feedback from multiple points of origin and sources such as surveys, social media, video, audio and call centre scripts.

This technology, a new process of data storage delivery, can capture, organise, and cleanse survey responses, call centre scripts and emails in the same way, no longer requiring advanced processing tools and therefore streamlining big data analysis.

InMoment chief technology officer, Nitin Somalwar said, “At InMoment, we focus on continuously evolving a cutting-edge tech stack that leads the market in customer insight and CX solutions. This additional patent showcases our Integrated CX vision and our ability to connect critical aspects of the customer experience, integrating disparate feedback sources along with insights and actions so our customers can stay ahead of their peers.

“I’m proud of our exceptional engineering team that has developed groundbreaking solutions like this patented technology to bring the power of billions of data points together to help our customers navigate the future.”

The latest patented technology includes the Workflow application, which is the only automated data workflow engine in the industry to prepare any data from its point of origin. It organises and displays data in its original format and sends it in real-time to a backend storage location.

InMoment managing director for APAC, David Blakers added, “We are fast approaching an inflection point in the CX industry as we augment survey based VoC programs with more unsolicited and inferred customer feedback. InMoment is helping more clients to unlock the full potential of an Integrated CX strategy to power their CX-led transformations.

“A key enabler for Integrated CX is access to data needed to strengthen the customer signals being fed into these programs. Next is a world-class AI-based analytics engine to make sense of the different customer signals. I’m excited to see our investments in big data and in-house ETL workflow capabilities paying off, including our recent patent award.”