ineda has upgraded its Marketplace to enable shoppers to place bids at the price they wish to pay for a product and sellers can accept or reject that bid.

The Marketplace is designed to empower consumers to save money on everyday purchases including appliances and whitegoods, while helping suppliers move goods and improve cashflow. It facilitates transparent engagement between consumers and suppliers.

Consumers can place a ‘bid’ on the Marketplace for a product such as a dishwasher or refrigerator and find out if they are successful at the nominated price.

ineda founder, Nick Neda said the Marketplace was created to bid and buy at real-time prices that reflect demand.

“The Marketplace is unique in that sellers set a reserve price on their listing – a guaranteed minimum they need to meet to sell the product. The auto-accept feature allows all bids above this reserve price to be instantly approved as an order and anything below waiting for seller approval in the supplier dashboard. It’s a win, win for consumers and businesses.”

“ineda’s mission is to keep local businesses open and people employed during difficult and challenging economic times, while helping consumers reduce their cost of living or operating their businesses through planned or unplanned purchases.

“At ineda, we want to make every dollar count for consumers who can take control of their shopping experience with our new generation Marketplace which allows you to create the deal at the price that you are willing to pay.”