Kitchen retailer Ilve has launched its new website, a comprehensive information portal for anyone considering building a kitchen or renovating an existing one.
Ilve marketing manager Daniel Bertuccio says the website was built in response to customer needs.
“Potential customers are conducting their own unbiased research with increased regularity online and there is no reason why you can’t be amply informed prior to even stepping foot into the showroom,” he says.
The new website has been constructed by advertising agency Gorilla Communications specifically with the consumer in mind and is designed to inspire customers to think outside the square and look at different design solutions.
“As well as keeping customers informed about the latest in kitchen products and providing more detailed product information and updates, I think one of the most exciting new features for users is a series of interactive menus to cook along with,” he says.
Customers also have the opportunity to check availability for and book directly into the popular operation classes, sign up to a monthly newsletter and make more specific enquiries about products with improved enquiry options.
To view the new website visit