The world is facing an unprecedented situation with the coronavirus pandemic and in particular, rural and regional Australians are still feeling the impact of recent bushfires, floods and drought.

Website directory and marketplace, Spend With Us, was created in January at the time of the bushfires to allow customers to shop directly with suffering businesses and support impacted families and communities. Now, Spend With Us has been expanded to support small rural and regional businesses suffering from the impacts of COVID-19 that do not have a website to sell their products. Spend With Us is the only website in Australia that allows businesses to create a free web store listing and has no transaction fees.

For small businesses who do not have the resources to build their own websites or pay a professional to create one, can create their own website and start selling products instantly.

Spend With Us founders, Sarah Britz, a web designer from NSW, and Lauren Hateley, a clinical psychologist from Victoria, hope to provide business owners with the opportunity to stay connected and promote a sense of community.