Leading ecommerce accelerator, Pattern is providing Australian brands free access to its new Digital Shelf tool to take advantage of AI-powered algorithms and extensive data resources to identify their competitors across Amazon’s virtual shelves.

“In today’s complex economic environment, brands need a comprehensive understanding of the competition to optimise their marketplace position and drive sales,” Pattern general manager, Merline McGregor said.

“By offering free access to our Digital Shelf tool, brands have an opportunity to increase their virtual shelf space and gain better placement on the Amazon marketplace. Having the right tools and strategy in place for selling on Amazon is becoming increasingly important as the popularity of the platform continues to grow in Australia.”

Recent Pattern research revealed over half (52%) of consumers reported buying from Amazon over the past 12 months and 59% intended to buy from the platform during 2023.

Pattern’s Digital Shelf is built on a database of 27 trillion historical data points, which grows by a further five billion new rows of data each month. This data pool offers powerful insights and enables brands to make informed pricing and listing decisions.

“Our Digital Shelf tool provides data on over 300 million products, enabling brands to identify and monitor activity of direct competitors in specific product categories on Amazon. Pattern also monitors three million keywords daily, allowing brands to track market trends and consumer behaviour in real-time,” McGregor added.

“On a store shelf, brands can easily see their goods in relation to their competitor’s products. On a marketplace like Amazon, it’s not so clear, as each time a unique search term is entered, the competing product matrix shifts.

“Leveraging Pattern’s data, brands gain clarity on how their goods are positioned and which products compete with their own for impressions, clicks, and dollars. This information allows brands to develop data-driven strategies to increase product visibility, attract more customers, grow sales and benefit from higher customer reviews.”