Earlier this year, Humii unveiled a new dashboard that aggregates consumer perspectives from thousands of anonymous online shoppers to deliver unbiased customer experience (CX) insights. A unique offering of the Humii dashboard is the ability to benchmark against competitors.

To give retailers a taste of this, Humii has released its first ever publicly available demo dashboard, highlighting the customer experience of global retail disruptor, SHEIN.

Commenting on the demo dashboard, Humii co-founder, Andy Evans said, “We know that the retail industry is keeping a close eye on SHEIN, particularly as they continue to build their customer base and presence in the Australian market. Knowing this appetite among local retailers, we saw an opportunity to demonstrate Humii’s power to provide unbiased and end-to-end insights, while also lifting the lid on the CX of a closely watched retail juggernaut.” 

Based on SHEIN’s demo dashboard, the customer journey elements which are receiving the strongest customer response are dispatch & delivery, returns & refunds and search & discovery. The overall scores from Humii’s mystery shopper feedback indicate that growth opportunities remain to improve customer experience across the board. 

The dashboard reveals that less can sometimes be more when communicating with customers. A key feedback point for SHEIN is the frequency of EDMs and offers – which often over-indexes in comparison to other retailers. While this cadence may be impactful in other markets, according to Humii’s insights, it is proving to be a point of friction for Australian customers. 

SHEIN’s budget-friendly price point is supporting growth in the current economic climate; however, this dashboard reveals that despite the appeal of the lower price tag, other factors such as delivery fees and payment variety continue to be a sore spot for Australian shoppers. 

Since the launch of the dashboard in May, Humii has begun aggregating insights from an additional 150 retailers – bringing the total to 850 retailers.