Global location intelligence firm, HERE Technologies, is rolling out new route planning technology to help Australian SMEs optimise deliveries and meet unprecedented customer demand for free for a limited time.

HERE WeGo Deliver enables businesses with a small fleet to operate their own efficient delivery service. By applying complex routing algorithms, the fleet optimisation tool simplifies the process for multiple orders and drivers improving operational efficiency, while reducing customer wait times.

HERE Head of fleet applications, Christoph Herzig said, “Manually organising and sequencing multiple delivery stops and drivers is time consuming, and the margin for human error is significant. HERE WeGo Deliver makes it simple for both the business owner and driver by enabling the uploading, optimising, viewing and dispatching of routes all through a web dashboard.”

Powered by the HERE WeGo mobile app, drivers receive their personalised delivery tour plan by clicking on a link issued by the delivery manager via email. They are then directed on their journey by voice-enabled navigation.

With no signup or subscription fees, the free-to-use software has been created specifically by HERE in response to pandemic restrictions which have resulted in low or non-existent footfall for many SMEs, HERE head of Oceania, Daniel Antonello said.

“Across the globe, businesses are being hamstrung by the economic impact of coronavirus and lack of foot traffic into store fronts, all of which means they are struggling to keep casual staff employed. At the same time, high service delivery fees and the limited availability of drivers is choking the system and making it as tough as it gets to meet this new consumer demand.”

With customers now seeking reliable and quick delivery of essential items, switching to delivery is a lifeline for smaller retail and hospitality businesses. However, many are struggling to meet this new demand and effectively serve their customers without bringing on delivery partners that take a sizeable cut.

“HERE WeGo Deliver gives SMEs the opportunity to meet the challenges of switching to a delivery model. This is something we hope will ultimately contribute to more small businesses coming out the other side of this crisis and keeping more staff on the books,” Antonello said.

Australian SMEs are first in the world to gain access to the premium, enterprise-grade capability at no cost for six months, with the initiative set to roll out across various markets from May onwards.