National internet retailer of consumer and business electronics,, has launched an unconventional way to do business where the consumer selects the mark-up they think is fair or can afford.

Consumers that register online can email and request the mark-up they would like to pay, starting from one per cent, and can request a change at any time. A default mark-up of seven per cent applies for those consumers that don’t select an alternative mark-up percentage. Consumers will then be able to view their new pricing the next time they login. believes that Australian consumers are generally fair-minded and will select the lower of what they can afford or what they think is fair.

“Australians have a good moral compass and will generally do what is fair and equitable. We understand and appreciate that some consumers can’t afford a higher mark-up and may therefore select the minimum mark-up of one per cent. We operate an efficient and effective business and we’ll stay in business even with such slim margins,” says DigitalZoo’s managing director, George Lotis. provides consumers with an efficient shopping alternative and does not provide any product advice. Consumers are encouraged to do their own homework and therefore “help themselves to lower prices”.