An AI pair programmer that suggests code, GitHub Copilot is now generally available to individual developers, following the launch of the technical preview last year.

Until now, AI has stopped short of improving code, leaving the process of developing software almost completely manual. With GitHub Copilot, AI can be broadly harnessed by developers to write and complete code, benefitting the SME and start-up community by allowing them to create digital products such as an ecommerce website or user interface more easily.

GitHub Copilot suggests code in real time so when developers type code or comments, it suggests the next line of code, complete methods, boilerplate code, whole unit tests and complex algorithms, to match a project’s context and style conventions.

It can be integrated with popular editors including Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code as an extension.

GitHub Copilot is now available to all developers and will be offered to companies later this year. Get started with a 60-day free trial, and check out our pricing plans. It’s free to use for verified students and maintainers of popular opensource software.