Freshworks is introducing Freddy Self Service, Freddy Copilot and Freddy Insights to make artificial intelligence (AI) more accessible to every workplace.

The new predictive and assistive generative AI capabilities embedded within Freshworks solutions and platform go beyond content generation and help support agents, sellers, marketers, IT teams and leaders become more efficient.

Freshworks founder and CEO, Girish Mathrubootham said, “Our goal at Freshworks is to put the power of generative AI in the hands of the Fortune five million, not just the Fortune 500 enterprise. We’ve been helping customers run more efficient businesses with AI for half a decade and know they don’t need a billion apps to do so. Every department could benefit from a workplace assistant that maximises productivity, and that’s what Freddy AI can do.”

The new Freddy AI capabilities leverage Freshworks’ domain expertise in sales, marketing, customer support and IT to deliver AI that makes doing work easier.

Freddy Copilot offers contextual assistance, offloads repetitive tasks, and maximises team productivity by enabling developers and employees in support, sales, and marketing to use conversations to get their work done.

Freddy Self Service offloads monotonous work to bots to scale support and deliver excellent customer experiences. Leveraging large language and account-specific models, it handles large portions of L0/L1 queries from employees and customers within Freshdesk and Freshservice while delivering personalised responses. This allows customer support and IT personnel to focus on higher value projects and tasks.  

Freddy Insights automates the analysis of productivity to automatically identify areas for improvement and provides recommendations to drive greater business impact. It can also analyse marketing and sales effectiveness and recommends optimisations that can improve performance and increase revenue. Freddy Insights also offers proactive quality management that evaluates support quality, helps find out if staff are delivering on established goals and guides agents to get better with every customer conversation. 

Freshworks chose to integrate Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service into Freddy AI solutions to power several Freddy Copilot and Freddy Self Service use-cases, while ensuring privacy and security of Freshworks customers data.

Microsoft corporate vice president of Azure AI platform, John Montgomery said, “Microsoft and Freshworks are working together to bring the power of generative AI with enterprise-level security and compliance into the workplace for companies of all sizes. We believe in Freshworks’ mission and we’re excited to see how people in customer support, IT, sales and marketing can transform their customer and employee experiences with Microsoft Azure OpenAI.”