Customer and employee engagement software company, Freshworks has introduced a unified sales and marketing platform, Freshworks CRM, to deliver a 360-degree view of the customer.

The Freshworks CRM solution is built on a new platform, Freshworks Neo, which unifies data for personalised customer engagement, to improve lead conversion and drive sales growth. With Neo, businesses can extend and develop custom environments, with clicks not code, to take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities.

Freshworks CRM elevates simple data capture and sales forecasting into a strategic growth application by automatically sorting and prioritising deals for more reliable forecasting. It eliminates fragmented customer data stitched together across legacy SaaS systems by providing more granular and relevant training data, in combination with AI and ML.

With Freshworks CRM, marketing and sales teams have access to AI-powered insights on a single dashboard. Customer data is converted into “Freddy AI” powered insights that help drive sales and improve customer experiences, increasing the value of the relationship.

“Freshworks CRM delivers upon the original promise of CRM: a single solution that combines AI-driven data, insights and intelligence and puts the customer front and center of business goals,” Freshworks chief product officer, Prakash Ramamurthy said.

“We built Freshworks CRM to harness the power of data and create immediate value, challenging legacy CRM solutions that have failed sales teams with clunky interfaces and incomplete data. Freshworks CRM sits atop our reimagined Neo platform — granting businesses around the globe like General Electric Company, Vice Media Group LLC and Puma SE an out of the box and low code experience to continuously empower employees to better acquire and retain their customers for life.”

CRM makes the most of the Neo platform’s flexible, end-to-end platform experience, enabling developers and partners to customise and extend the solution to further increase employee productivity.

The platform delivers out-of-the-box tools to seamlessly integrate Freshworks products with external applications using a variety of product APIs, webhooks, and software development kits. The Freshworks Neo marketplace also includes more than 1,100 apps to enhance and extend the Freshworks product suite. With Neo, businesses can create custom objects and apps and deliver extensibility and customisability whether they are in sales, marketing, customer support, CRM, IT or HR.