Australians are falling victim to scammers with $3.1 billion lost in 2022 alone.1 It has never been more important to foster a safe IT environment, to ensure safety from targeted cyber scams and attacks. Workplaces should encourage solid understanding of privacy principles and adopt proactive measures to protect valuable data.  

Importance of keeping up to date on training 

Scams are constantly evolving in sophistication, especially with the rise of AI, so ensuring the workplace has a strong understanding of these risks will develop a higher sense of vigilance throughout the team. With new attack techniques, vulnerabilities and threats increasing, staying up to date on cyber security training is crucial to ensure individuals remain informed about the evolving landscape.  

Security awareness and phishing simulation training solutions, such as those available from Phriendly Phishing, enable workplaces to be educated on scams before it’s too late, in an unobtrusive way. As well as help in understanding the risks associated with not implementing security measures. 

Encourage, don’t discourage 

Workplaces should encourage staff to complete their security training on a regular basis, while not disrupting their day-to-day work Focusing on the risks and importance of protection against cyber threats is an effective way to safeguard the workplace. Workplaces who encourage good security awareness practices to empower individuals cultivate a cyber security conscious culture for the benefit of the whole organisation. 

While discouraging bad cybersecurity practices may seem effective in theory, it is often more beneficial to focus on positive reinforcement and education. Discouragement can ineffectively convey the importance of cybersecurity. 

Usually, focusing on something positive such as the quality and quantity of reported phishing emails to the security department is a better option than focusing negatively on clicks.  

Businesses can better prepare for the changes in tech 

Adapting to technological changes in the workplace is crucial for protecting assets and data. Outdated and repetitive training modules will disengage the workplace, whereas incorporating interactive elements, relevant case studies and simulations will engage and align with the evolving changes in technology.  

Experience the impact a low-admin, stress-free phishing education program such as Phriendly Phishing can have on your workplace’s risk portfolio. Phriendly Phishing is an efficient and effective model to develop a more security-minded workforce.  

Implementing strong cyber security measures 

Safeguarding sensitive information and protecting against cyber threats is only just the beginning when discussing the importance of robust security measures. In today’s digital workplace, investing in cyber security pays off in terms of mitigating risks, reducing financial losses and eliminating potential reputational damage.  

Other than the human-factor, another way of preventing cyber attacks is ensuring a safe IT environment. An outdated or unpatched IT environment is susceptible to attacks such as malware, ransomware and phishing. By fostering a cyber-safe environment, workplaces can minimise the risk of these attacks and protect against potential disruptions to operations, data loss and financial harm.  

From an outsider’s perspective, it is important to foster a safe IT environment as it demonstrates the workplace’s commitment to protecting customer information, building trust and maintaining long-term relationships. With 95% of all cyber security issues being caused by human error2, every workplace regardless of the industry should have strong cyber security measures in place.

Educate and empower your workplace to help mitigate reputational and financial loss from cyber attacks. Implementing Phriendly Phishing services provides the awareness and phishing simulation training solutions your workplace needs.  

Damian Grace is founder and executive director of product and technology at Phriendly Phishing.