By Aimee Chanthadavong

Australian retailers are set to face greater competition as a company plans to launch a package forward company that will make purchasing designer goods from the US a lot easier and cheaper for consumers.

USA Shopping Affair is an Australian-owned and operated business that will be launched in April. It will allow Australian online shoppers to buy from multiple US retailers and have it delivered directly to them.

Speaking to RetailBiz, founder of USA Shopping Affair Charmaine Graham said her business is part of the forward moving trend in the retail industry.

“I think that local retailers would obviously realise that online or e-tailing is something they need to address because that’s where retailing is going. It’s reinforcement that if they’re not online and they really need to be,” she said.

“There has been in recent years a significant number of consumers buying online and that’s becoming more so. We’re still behind compared to UK and US consumers in terms of shopping online but we’re seeing a trend increasing.”

USA Shopping Affair facilities ‘collective buying power’ that an individual would not normally have access too.

“It’s an affordable option because when we look at large corporations they have this competitive buying power. We’ve giving this buying power to consumers as we’re able to aggregate all their purchases and ship them in bulk,” Graham said.

The service will be provided through established partnerships with HL, FedEx, UPS and AustPost.