Global software company, Fluent Commerce has announced general availability of its data tool, Fluent Big Inventory.

Retailers have named getting accurate inventory visibility as the biggest challenge to managing their commerce operations, according to a recent study by Incisiv. Overselling, in particular, remains one of the biggest problems as a result.

Fluent Big Inventory uses machine learning technology to intelligently process multi-source inventory data at scale, creating the ability to act as an inventory hub providing real-time inventory feeds to enhance order management, commerce, search/merchandising, personalisation, recommendations, display ads and demand forecasting. 

Results from early adopting Fluent Commerce customers show an over 50% reduction in oversell while reducing operational costs.

Fluent Commerce CEO, Graham Jackson said, “Fluent Big Inventory makes all dependent systems more efficient by providing access to accurate, real-time inventory data showing what’s available to sell across all inventory locations at a speed and scale never seen before. Where retailers used to be able to make tens of millions of inventory updates a day, they can now make hundreds of millions – hitting the oversell/undersell problem squarely on the nose.”

Fluent Commerce senior vice president of product, Agnes Schliebitz-Ponthus added, “In the world of inventory, overnight batch jobs don’t work. The issue is that not all systems were designed to share data at the speed required by modern commerce.

“Unlike traditional data transformation tools that merely convert data from one structure to another, Fluent Big Inventory was designed to ingest disparate inventory data at scale, from file-based through to live event streaming, and to continually learn how to optimize the processing and distribution of the resulting data sets.