With the festive shopping season upon us, brands are now turning to digital marketing and ensuring they’re getting the best ROI possible.

Advertisers are looking to lean heavily into digital platforms that provide value, offering a highly engaged, commercially minded audience, who are open to ideas and ready to spend. Pinners come to the platform for inspiration and ready to shop with more than three-quarters (77%) of weekly Pinterest users saying they have discovered a new brand via Pinterest searches.

For brands looking to add Pinterest to their marketing line-up, here’s five ways to reach customers on the platform:

  1. Use shopping tools: Pinterest users are 40% more likely to say they love shopping and 75% more likely to say they’re always shopping. Plus, 64% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to find an idea, product or service they can trust. By leveraging Pinterest shopping tools like Shop Pins, allowing Pinners to directly purchase from boards. Additional features, like saving pins for later and shopping for similar items, take the user’s shopping experience to the next level.
  2. Reach people at the right time: Pinterest presents a unique market – a captive audience of would-be shoppers actively visiting the platform for ideas, ready to take action at checkout. With 97% of top searches on Pinterest being unbranded, people are coming to Pinterest to shop generic terms (not specific brands), levelling the playing field for businesses to be discovered. Pinterest drives 10 times higher branded searches off platform than any other. The audience is there, it’s then up to the brand to provide visual, engaging campaigns that take Pinners from idea to action.
  3. Tap into Pinterest’s insights: Businesses can create custom audience dashboards for their primary and secondary target markets to learn about their reach, what they’re into and their shopping habits. Keep tabs on overarching Pinterest trends and trending search terms to find out what Pinners are searching for and evolve advertising campaigns accordingly.
  4. Stand out by blending in with advertising: Recent data shows video ads on Pinterest have three times higher viewability and two times higher completion rate than other platforms. Pinterest ads stand out because they fit in and are contextually relevant. Pinners want to see advertising because it provides inspiration – it’s just as relevant as organic content.
  5. Utilise paid partnerships with creators: Pinterest recently launched Idea Ads with paid partnership – a creative, multimedia, multi-page format that combines video and images. Audiences can view a brand’s content, visit their site and follow step-by-step DIYs or demos all within the ad. It also makes it easier for brands and creators to connect on partnership opportunities, offering a new way for creators to promote their brand partnerships, and it allows for advertisers to tap into Pinterest’s inspiring creator community and truly connect with their audience.