Shouta Biz, the business digital gifting platform from fintech start-up, Shouta, allows users to shout employees, customers and clients a digital gift card sent instantly to their phone.

There is a choice of featured ‘shouts’ including coffee, drinks, movie tickets and more. Recipients receive a link to a reloadable, digital Shouta Mastercard which allows them to tap and pay from their digital wallet, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Shouta is now delivering a new range of functionality on the Shouta Biz platform including the ability to gift up to 50 people at once, refund any unclaimed gifts, schedule gifts and customise gifts with personalised messages and images.

Shouta co-founder, Carly Shamgar said, “Businesses know that there are many different ways to impact company culture and incentivise team members. Shouta Biz is allowing more businesses to tap into these types of rewards through digital nano-gifts that are flexible, personalised and instant.”

Since launch, coffee has been the most popular shout to send with the average shout valued at $17.

“Unlike gift cards, shouts can be spent anywhere in store or online – wherever Mastercard is accepted. It’s a new-age approach to corporate gifting that is taking the hassle out of gift-giving for companies,” Shamgar added.