Affluent young female consumers are driving sales at Alibaba Group’s cross-border B2C platform Tmall Global as consumers snap up the latest shopping trends, from probiotics to scientifically proven skin care products. 

Over 100 million annual active consumers shopped on Tmall Global for the 12 months ended July 31, 2022, and 70% were female. Two-thirds of Tmall Global’s consumers were born after 1990, and most belong to Generation Z.

“Women make up 70% of our entire customer base. Female consumers are the primary decision makers for shopping in households,” Tmall Global general manager, Lynn Dong said.

Tmall Global recently shared these customer profiles during its 2022 Global Worldwide Partners Conference – an annual gathering to unveil the platform’s strategy with overseas merchants and business partners. For the first time, Tmall Global shone a spotlight on the high proportion of young female consumers using its services and the significance in terms of penetrating the consumption market.

Tmall Global’s product offering has evolved rapidly since its launch in 2014 and over the past eight years, it has helped more than 40,000 global beauty, fashion, health and food brands to enter China.

“The pandemic has greatly increased people’s awareness of health. Import probiotics and nutrition supplements for adults and hypoallergenic baby formula are all achieving fast growth. In the past year alone, more than 6,400 overseas brands have entered China via Tmall Global,” Dong said.

Leaning into rising demand for supplements during recent years, Tmall Global partnered with health care companies and raw material suppliers to speed up the development and customisation of new products for consumers. Australia’s Life-Space streamlined its supply chain via this program and launched one of its probiotics products on Tmall Global in March, within just three months.

Tmall Global is driving business growth opportunities among overseas merchants looking to meet demand from young and female consumers.

“Cross-border commerce merchants face challenges this year. Nothing is more important than confidence and mutual help,” Dong said at the conference.